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Welcome to Master Poker software (v2) Master Poker - Demo Pointer
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You've found your way to the Official Site of Master Poker, the world's finest poker software dedicated exclusively to No-limit Texas Hold'em. Master Poker is an advanced computer program which allows you to play Hold'em against professional-grade computer players on your own PC at any time, night or day, in the comfort of your own home, at school, while you travel, at that boring job, or wherever else you wish, and without the need of the Internet or to risk any real money while improving your skills, testing your theories, and building valuable table experience. 

"I can�t tell you how much I enjoy playing Master Poker � you have created an AI (artificial intelligence) that is light years beyond any of the other programs I�ve tried."--Mark B., Lafayette, CO

Here's a quick overview for the speed shopper:

  Play Tournaments (up to 10k players), Sit and Go's, and Cash Games.
  Play 2-10 players per table in all event types, and up to 1000 tables.
  Your choice of (14) exotic screen backgrounds (different cardrooms)
  Your choice of (7) different table colors
  Your choice of (7) assorted deck styles
  Most importantly; creative, dynamic, adaptive computer players devoid of recognizable playing patterns. 

Newly added for Version 2:

  Total control over computer player personality densities (to perfectly simulate your real world games)
  Ability to preset the Human's cards (to practice playing specific hands)
  Ability to preset one or more Board cards (to practice against specific boards)
  Ability to 'freeze the button' on a specific seat (also to practice specific conditions)
  Hand Ranging Grid (to practice reading opponent hands)
  Wonder Cam (to see ALL cards that would have been dealt in hand, even preflop, and at any point in hand)
  Option to display numeric chip labels beneath chipstacks
  Complete control over every single sound in the game
  Complete tournament rankings view once at 1k players or less.
  Shortcut key to magnify the pot size and pot odds for the visually impaired
  Can now have saved games in each type of event simultaneously
  Option to 'Auto-Deal the next hand' 
  Manual betting with the Numberpad
  More cardroom backgrounds and more table colors
  Quickstart tutorial guide to get you started
  New Hotkey Keyboard Graphic to show you all hotkeys
  Improved computer player intelligence in all event types

MP's Original Feature Set:

  Unlimited User screen names, each with their own personal playing history and saved User preferences
  Automatic preference tracking for all User profiles
  Game Saves - Save any type of session at any stage, all events
  Personal History Tracking of every session played (all profiles)
  Adjustable difficulty settings
  Adjustable AI (artificial intelligence) Action Delay to speed or slow the play of computer players to meet your personal needs
  Multiple AI personalities (Tough, Aggressive, Super-Aggressive, Rock and Dead Money), each individual player with their own set of exclusive sub-attributes (making every individual player unique)
  Ability to peek at AI personalities, or display them at all times (used to practice identifying opponent styles)
  Powerful Starting Hand Guide for novice players giving detailed advice on which hands to play and which not to, and more importantly, why
  Automated Board Observer (points out dangerous board conditions)
  Rabbit Cam (see the next card to be dealt before folding)
  Office Magician (playing poker at work? MP disappears from your desktop with a click of the mouse, poof, gone!, and can be returned to right where you left off)
  Dynamic User Tracking - Computer players watch every action you make and adapt to your style over time (just like the real world)
  User Stat Tracking - Displays your percentage of hands played, limp frequency, aggression level and how often you lay down the best hand
  Full card peeking (any hand and at any time during the hand)
  Fully adjustable User decision timer (to emulate online play)
  Zip to the end of the current hand (to quickly toss garbage hands)
  Nearly (40) preset blind structures covering the complete WSOP, the WPT, and many of the most popular online sites, all of which can be updated by you year to year
  Ability to quickly update or create your own fully customized blind structures using an existing template or from scratch
  Tournament Rebuys/Add-on options
  Cash Game Rake option
  Automatic chip races and split pots (handled by computer)
  Running detailed text summary of each hand played that can be easily copied to emails or discussion forums, including a Hand Archive to permanently store the details of any hand you wish to save for future view
  The ability to record a running text file of every hand played during an entire session or event which can later be viewed and/or modified with any text editor or word processor
  Realistic Prize Money Structure created for all tournament style events, allowing you to track your Tournament or 'Sit and Go' progress in dollars (for fun)
  Individually named tournament players (up to 10k players) who actually play out every hand (just like you do) on all tables out of your view
  A complete secondary AI dedicated exclusively to powerful Heads-up play
  Auto-display of pot size/pot odds option, with magnification key for the visually impaired
  Ability to deal your cards face down if you wish (for recall practice)
  Turbo blinds option
  Shaded winning cards on the final board for easy ID of winning hand
  Precision Betting Bar that allows precise bet amounts, all rounds
  Large set of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to fold, call, bet, raise, push all-in, reload your stack, archive the current hand, save your game, bet a multiple of the Big Blind, bet a percentage of the pot, raise a multiple of the last bet, etc., without ever having to touch your mouse (very nice for power players)
  Full control of all game sounds, allowing you to eliminate any distracting sounds within the game
  An honorable AI that never cheats or looks at your cards
  Full Help menus
  Etc ...
Price: $59.95
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"This program is by far the best on the market. I easily put in two to three hours a day on Master Poker to get my mind right, then spend the rest of the day playing tournaments online. My success rate in making the money has skyrocketed. What can I say ... you rock!!!"--Jerry G.--Nogales, AZ

The primary weakness in any poker software is with the artificial intelligence (AI) of the computer players, where critical weaknesses can be identified and exploited in just a few hours of play, permanently ruining the software's effectiveness. What good is an opponent who is predictable? Unlike most poker 'games', Master Poker was specifically designed for real poker players, with an intelligent, adaptive AI, devoid of recognizable playing patterns. Though it can certainly be played as a game, it was originally intended for poker players who wish to enhance their game in an easy to use, straightforward, realistic and visually appealing environment.

"The more I play, the more I love Ur program!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!"--Yelena W., Mountain View, CA

If you would like to see more details on any of the features listed above take a few moments to check out our assorted feature sections to get the general look and feel of the software (see button below). If you still can't make a confident decision try downloading the Free Demo and taking it for a test drive. The Demo is from Version 1 of the program and has many missing or locked features, but will give you a good idea of how the program performs. If your interests are in finding quality software you will look forward to playing, getting good value for your money, and becoming a more skilled poker player, I think you'll find you're at the right place. Enjoy!

--Scott Eckert, Designer of Master Poker

"I have played your software nearly every day since I bought it more than 14 months ago. I guess you could say I like it very much! The free upgrade out of nowhere was just icing on the cake. Great job, mate!"--Paul S., Perth, Australia

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