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Master Poker's Misc Features & Info

Still haven't had enough? Here is another section of information and assorted MP features to help you make a truly informed decision. 

"Exceeded expectations, easy to use, not cluttered with bells and whistles."--Steve T., Zionsville, PN


Intuitive Interface

The easy to use Graphical User Interface is designed to be simple to use, even for those folks not familiar with computer games. All command buttons are clearly labeled, each screen contains only that information you will need to accomplish your task, and every option present has it's own Help window to clearly explain its function. Master Poker is incredibly powerful, but so easy to use that after you complete your first session you won't ever find yourself blankly staring at the screen wondering what to do next. 


Play anywhere from 2-10 players (including yourself)

Master Poker - Number of Players at TableThis may seem obvious, but not all software allows you to choose precisely how many players will be seated at your table. MP always allows you to pick the precise number of players per table for any given event. You can play a purely heads-up format against a single AI opponent, or seat yourself against 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 or a full table of 9 opposing AI players (10 total seats), and MP will automatically and evenly spread your chosen number of opponents out around the table. That means if you choose to play a shorthanded game versus just a couple of players your opponents will be evenly spaced around the table, not sitting clustered in the next few chairs to your left.


Honorable Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence for most commercial poker applications has many flaws, but one stands out above all others. They gain an unfair advantage over the user by simply looking at your cards. It's just much easier to look at the human player’s cards and give him/her a 'perceived' playing experience than to write real-life logic for such a sophisticated game. Not only does this make the AI players unskilled and predictable, it also violates the cardinal rule for good poker software. It prevents your software from teaching you what will and will not work in the real world. This is why nearly all poker software is so easy to master after a few hours of play. You're mastering the software, not the game.

Master Poker's AI player's make decisions based on a full range of dynamic table conditions, just as you would. They attack, steal and defend, just as you would. They bluff, they intimidate, and they occasionally run for cover, just like you would. And they do it all without looking at your cards. While MP players will certainly track your tendencies and use that tracking data to their advantage on future hands (as if observing you at the table), they will never make any decision on the current hand by looking at your cards. Never.


Adjustable AI Action Delay

Master Poker gives you full control over the pace of the game by allowing you to customize the game's AI playing speed in increments of 1/10 sec (from .1 to 5 full seconds).

Master Poker - Set Delays

The primary speed consideration is how quickly each AI player will either make a play on his hand, or fold. If too fast, novice players will lose track of the action that has occurred before it is suddenly their turn to act. If too slow, over a long session you will find yourself growing bored waiting for your turn from hand to hand. It is recommended that as your experience increases to lower the AI Delay time until you find just the right delay to satisfy your personality. Even then, it's very important never to rush your decision just because it's your turn to act.


Setting a Difficulty Level

Master Poker determines the difficulty level of your game by how many skilled computer opponents you face versus how many 'Dead Money' opponents. In the poker world Dead Money players indicate amateur or novice players who represent easy marks for tough or professional players. Master Poker's Dead Money players know how to play decent poker, and they are not green beginners, but they do not possess the advanced skills of 'Tough' and 'Aggressive' players. In setting up each type of event you will be presented with the option to change the densities of each player personality type in your chosen event to between 0-100%. 

Master Poker - Set Difficulty Level

Tough and Aggressive players are both skilled player types, so the percentage of DM players in your game actually determines how tough the game will actually be. For example, if you set the DM% to 70% in a Cash Game, as players come and go each chair has a 70% chance of being filled with a new Dead Money player. If it does not hold a DM player it will hold some version of a skilled player, either 'Tough’ or 'Aggressive', each of whom also have their own inner personality traits and tendencies. If you set the DM% to 70% in a large tournament, then approximately 70% of all players in the tournament will be DM players, though they will be randomly scattered about throughout all tables.

For novice users this system allows you to initially set the DM percentage very high in order to experience success in games with other novices, then gradually increase the number of tough/aggro players in your event as your skill level increases (like in real life). It serves advanced players by allowing you to closely simulate any real-life game, where you can tweak the percentages until your Master Poker games fell just like your live or Internet games.

Why does Master Poker include Dead Money computer players at all? In real life the vast majority of your opponents these days (at all levels) will actually be Dead Money, particularly in large tournaments. As cash games go, what does every poker book say makes for a good game? Weak opponents. If you're a novice player and you don't practice against other novices you're not going to learn the correct game to play for your level. If you're an advanced player and don't have the option to seat at least one or two DM players at your table (and practice identifying them) how will you practice for the real world against weak players? As any good poker player can tell you, it can at times be much more difficult to play against weak players than good.


Zipping and Auto-Dealing Hands

Zip this hand

To most people, poker has one flaw that generally hurts the game, it's slow pace at full tables, and this slow pace lends itself to creating bad habits by encouraging beginning players to play far more hands than they should. Master Poker contains a feature I call 'Zip', where if you're unhappy with your dealt hand you can instantly click to 'Zip' to the end of that hand and play the next. Deal ... Zip ... Deal ... Zip ... This allows you to zip through one hand after another until you get to one where the conditions meet your expectations.

Auto-Deal the next hand

If you desire an even faster pace then click the option to auto-deal your hand's upon being zipped and clicking Zip will collectively fold your current hand, zip to the end of the hand, and auto-deal the next hand in one fell swoop. Now we're power playing. 


Personal History Archives

Each time you play a Tournament event or Cash Game session in MP the results are recorded to your own personal history archive (for all player profiles). The history screen keeps track of all of your event sessions and allows you to save and delete individual records at your behest. The data collected varies for each event, but includes such values as the date played, starting chipstacks, the number of event entrants, the percentile of hands played, prize money won, etc..

Master Poker - Your Personal History Screen

The above graphic is an example of a Cash Game history for a player named Brimstone. To view Brimstone's history for Tournament, Sit and Go, or Survivor play you would simply click the drop down arrow in the 'Game Type' box at top and choose the history you wish to view. MP also sorts the data and displays many variables in tracking form at the bottom of the screen.


Preset Blind Structures

To make your playing experience as uncomplicated as possible Master Poker contains nearly (40) preset blind structures for many of the most popular online sites, as well as the WPT Championship Tournament, ALL of the No-limit World Series of Poker events, and several structures unique to Master Poker. 

Master Poker - Preset Blind Structures

You should be able to find the actual structure you are accustomed to during your live or online sessions, but if not, you have the ability to easily alter existing structures or to input your own custom structure, setting all data, including the number of starting chips, the number of blind levels, each blind level increase amount, the number of hands that pass between levels, etc.. These custom structures may then be added to your list of permanent structure options (or deleted, as desired). See below.


Your Own Custom Blind Structures

If your desired structure is not in the list of preset structures or you just wish to set up your own custom blind structure you may easily do so.

Master Poker - Custom Blind Structure Creation

This screen allows you to modify an existing structure (ie. perhaps to update WSOP data from year to year, or in the case where your favorite website has altered their existing tournament structure), or create your own customized blind structures from scratch (ie. if you can't find your favorite Internet site listed, you need a structure similar to your local casino, or you want a structure matching your Saturday night home game). In any case, you're going to end up with precisely the blind structure you desire).


Automated Chip Races and Split Pots

MP handles all chip races automatically (when an odd number of chips exist in a split-pot), and gives you a preference to automatically handle all split-pots as well (if you desire). You can either watch them split up step by step among the winning players, or MP can handle it quietly out of view and just show you the results of the Main Pot. These types of mini-features allow your session to proceed along smoothly without the need to micro-manage, unless of course you choose to micro-manage.


In-game Help

Master Poker has an extensive Help system to explain every single feature and option available to you in enough detail for you to fully understand. Right-click most topics/options/buttons to bring up the blue underlying help window for that object (as shown in the examples below).

Example 1:

Master Poker - Help Window

Example 2:

Master Poker - Help Window

Example 3:

Master Poker - Help Window

There is an informational 'Help' tip for nearly every aspect of Master Poker. 


Keyboard Hotkeys Graphic

If you're not sure how to do something when sitting at the table there is alwasus the Keyboard Hotkey Graphic to remind you: Just hit 'K' on your keyboard and up pops help. Click the thumbnail picture below to see it in a larger version.

Master Poker - Keyboard Hotkeys Graphic Thumb


Sound Controls

Maintain total control over every sound in the game ...

Master Poker - Sound Controls 


As you can see Master Poker is essentially a fully functioning simulated online poker environment. For novice players the primary differences between MP and an Internet poker site are that instead of sitting down to face a bunch of unknown (and often unruly) human players you sit down and face always polite computer players, and ... maybe more importantly, it costs you nothing in real money to build valuable experience and confidence in your game. For advanced players the most significant difference is that instead of playing 35-60 hands per hour (brick and mortar/online respectively) you can literally play up to 1k hands per hour. This allows you to practice theories, variances and different playing styles in a short period of time and at no risk to your bankroll. Small stakes players can build valuable experience toward moving up in game size in a fraction of the time it would take playing against human opposition, even on the Internet.

And if that weren't enough, there's never a problem finding just the right game to suit your mood; the perfect event, the perfect number of opponents, the perfect stakes, the perfect atmosphere, and at any time day or night in the safety of your own home, office, dorm, hotel room, airplane, truck cab, park bench, cyber cafe, wherever.

If you're interested in making Master Poker the newest tool in your repertoire of poker weapons just click on the 'To Order' link below. You will not be sorry. If you're still not convinced MP is right for you take a look at the 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) sections for additional information, or just go download the Free Demo and give it a try. And whether or not you decide to purchase my poker software I'd like to thank you for your valuable time and send you off by borrowing a few words from the World Poker Tour's Mike Sexton, "May all your cards be live, and your pots be monsters!"


Click the button below to order your own copy of Master Poker and join the ever growing community of those who've chosen to become part of the next generation of poker software.

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