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Master Poker Patch/Upgrade v1.31

This Patch/Upgrade is intended to upgrade Master Poker Full Version 1.01 (find your version in the lower right-corner of the red intro screen). It will not work on the MP Free Demo, and is not necessary for users of Version 2 or higher.  As a legal owner of Master Poker you may download the v1.31 Patch/Upgrade at no cost to you. If you have not yet received an emailed keycode for your download (getting them out as fast as I can) you may contact me with your name or order number, the location where you bought the software (ie. this Website, Amazon, etc.), and the approximate date of purchase.

This Upgrade has new and updated features, bug fixes, some visual improvements, and improved Dead Money and Cash Game play. This is my way of saying thanks for your past business, and you have not been forgotten. Click the below link to start your download (further instructions below).

       Download the v1.31 Patch/Upgrade 

                 (Download size 12.7 meg)

Important: Before going forward take a quick look at the instructions below and the first few problems in the troubleshooting section lower down (those having to do with installing the upgrade). This way you can anticipate any resulting problems with the download and installation process. Typically, if you experience any type of error condition with the Upgrade you're probably trying to start the new application file before actually getting it into your old Master Poker folder (where the support files are located). DO NOT reinstall the game from your CD or you will lose all your history and personal preference files.



I've noticed many of my users, when trouble strikes, are quick to reinstall the program from CD to try to fix their problem. That won't be necessary here, and you will lose all your history data if you do so. If you're worried about the Upgrade not working properly you can take one important step to protect yourself. 

Before attempting to upgrade:

-Navigate to existing the Master Poker folder. You can do this by double-clicking 'My Computer' (on your Desktop), then click the 'Program Files' folder, then the Master Poker folder. 
-Inside locate the file 'Master Poker.exe'
-Right-click that file and choose 'Rename'
-Just add something like '-old' between 'Master Poker and the '.exe' to look like this 'Master Poker-old.exe'

This way that file will not be replaced (and deleted) when you put the new application file (same name) in your folder. If things don't work, instead of a full reinstall, all you have to do is delete the new 'Master Poker.exe' file and rename the old one 'Master Poker.exe' to make it work again. No worries. No reinstall needed, and your data is safe.

The Master Poker v1.31 Patch/Upgrade is distributed in a .zip file in order to make the download as small as possible. Once it's downloaded to your computer the file should look like a little folder with a zipper on the face of it. Here are the complete steps to installing the Upgrade on your computer:

-Click on the link above to start the download. 

-If asked if you want to Open the file or Save it to a file, answer ‘Save’, then enter a location where you can easily find it (ie. Windows Desktop).

-Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file (named “MP131Upgrade.zip”) and right-click on it to get a little menu. Choose ‘Extract all’.

-When asked where you would like the files extracted too, Browse to your Master Poker folder (under 'My Computer'). Master Poker's default installation location will normally be “C:\Program Files\Master Poker”, unless you have 64 bit Windows, in which case it will be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Master Poker”.

-When Windows asks if you wish to overwrite the old files, click ‘Yes’

The Zipped Upgrade contains three new files for your Master Poker folder. A new main program file, a new Instruction Manual ('MP Readme'), and a text file named “vs131Upgrade” containing all of the data pertaining to the Upgrade (description of new and updated features, bug fixes, etc).

Your downloaded files will be locked. The first time you run the upgraded Master Poker program it will be necessary to activate the new Application with a Keycode. If you did not receive one from me by email send your name, where you purchased the program (ie. this website, Amazon, etc.), and the approximate date of purchase for your free Keycode.

Note: Please do not post your keycode on any public site. As one one my legal buyers It is meant for you personally.

The Keycode will unlock your new upgrade. You should only have to enter the Keycode the first time you play. Once successfully entered it should not bother you again.

Some NEW Features to pay special attention to:

Keyboard ‘Hotkey’ Graphic Help: On the Table Screen, hit the ‘K’ key to bring up the new Hotkey’s Help Graphic. It will give you a graphic example of all of MP’s shortcut key options. See the new manual for details on how each of them work.

Betting with the Numpad: You can now use the Numpad keys to type your bet amount directly into the Betting Bar. If the Betting Bar is not visible this will also automatically bring the Betting Bar into view.

Auto Screen Sizing: Master Poker now has an option to auto change your screen resolution for you. If this feature is used, MP will automatically return your screen to its normal setting when your session has ended. Look for the new 'Screen Size' button beneath the Cardroom locations section on the Main Sign-up Screen. You will also be given the option to have MP remember your preference and make this adjustment automatically each time you start the program. Note: When MP changes your screen resolution it is not making permanent adjustments to your computer's registry. If you experience any resolution related problems after using this feature rebooting your computer from scratch should reset your screen to its normal setting (how to reboot … turn the power off, wait thirty seconds, then turn it back on).

Right-handed play: Right-handed users can now use special keys on the Numpad as alternatives to Deal, Zip, Call, Check and Fold. See the Keyboard Hotkey Graphic for details (hit the ‘K’ key on Table Screen).

Sound Diagnostic Option: If you’re experiencing crashes during game play that end with a 'Microsoft error', it’s possible your soundcard drivers are to blame. Check the 'Diagnostic' box at the bottom of the Sound options. This will kill all sounds in the game. If you find your crashing issue disappears over a couple of soundless sessions you need to update your soundcard drivers. You can easily do this by Googling the name of your soundcard on the Internet for direct download of updated drivers and instructions.

If you have any problems with the new Upgrade first check the Troubleshooting section below, then send me an email advising of the issue and describing it in as much detail as you can muster. DO NOT reinstall your program from the CD unless you don't mind losing your history and preference data. I will get back to you as soon as is possible. Thanks.



Troubleshooting (the Patch/Upgrade)

Primary ISSUE I'm seeing:  Installing the upgrade gives you an error message #xx (there can be several different ones), or says 'Corrupted Data', or says it could be due to screen resizing, or it says you may have to reinstall the program.

Answer:  You're likely clicking on the new Application file to start the program, but it's not yet properly located in your old Master Poker folder (where the support files are located). If you got the three files extracted (unzipped) from the zip file somewhere other than your old MP folder (ie. your Desktop) they must then be moved or copied into your Master Poker folder at “C:\Program Files\Master Poker” (under 'My Computer'). DO NOT reinstall the game from your CD or you will lose all your history data.

Note: With 64 bit Windows it will be under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Master Poker”.


Problem:  I am clicking my little heart out on the link you sent me in an email and nothing is happening. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero. Not a twitch.

Answer:  Your email client has blocked the link. Either find the button to give it permission or copy and paste the address to the address bar of your web browser, then hit Enter.


Problem:  I have downloaded the file, but when I click on the file, it doesn't ask for the "Extract all".

Answer:  The folder to Extract from will have a zipper graphic on it. If it doesn't you've probably already extracted it to a regular temp folder. Double-click that blank folder and see if there are any files inside. If you see three files, highlight them all then right-click and 'Cut' them from there to right-click and 'Paste' them in your Master Poker directory located at “C:\Program Files\Master Poker” (under 'My Computer', or just 'Computer' in Vista).

Note: On 64 bit Windows it will be under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Master Poker”.


Problem:  The Upgrade is telling me I can't get into the new program without a keycode.

Answer:  That is correct. You need a keycode from me to use the new upgrade. If you didn't get one by email from me you may send me your name and where and when you bought the program. If you're a legal buyer of the software I'll send you one free of charge. The upgrade is provided only for my past buyers. 

Exception: If you received the software from me as a promo or review copy a year or more ago send me your name and the conditions (so I will remember you) for your own keycode.


Problem:  I entered the provided keycode, but it is not being accepted.

Answer:  You likely typed it in wrong. Include ALL characters and use the proper case (upper and lowercase as shown in your keycode). If you're certain you've typed it in correctly, but you're using cut-and-paste instead of actually typing it in, make sure there is no space on the end of the code text.


Problem:  I successfully installed the upgrade, but now when playing (fullscreen) my Windows Taskbar is showing at the bottom of the table screen, where it never used to do that before the upgrade.

Answer:  While experimenting with screen resizing I somehow tweaked the program to shrink each of MP's screens by just a few pixels. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this at the time and packaged the upgrade with this small difference included. Windows is now likely reading the smaller screen size to mean there's space at the bottom of it for your Taskbar. I have now fixed the problem. If you think this might be what you're experiencing just download the updated patch again and it should clear the problem.

Note: I have tinkered with the patch several times since initially posting it without updating the actual version number. You can tell precisely which update you have by right-clicking the 'Master Poker.exe' program file and choosing 'properties'. Look for the modified date of the program. If it reads earlier than 10-21-09, you can benefit by downloading the patch again (if you're having any issues).


Problem:  The screen resizing button doesn't work right. I didn't like the look of the table in the full screen mode. It looked too big and stretched out. Now it won't go back to my old settings.

Answer:  Reboot. The screen resizing button is still in its 'beta' testing phase. Due to the various versions of Windows, and monitor types, and all the different Windows settings (like extra large fonts and higher than normal Windows dpi (dots per inch)) it does not yet work cleanly on all systems. I've included it to give you the option to try it out if you'd like.  Any screen changes made by MP are only temporary and have not effected your Windows Registry. Just reboot your computer (turn off the power, then back on) to restore your machine back to normal.

If you find that you like the fullscreen mode, but the button isn't working properly you can adjust your resolution manually. All versions of Windows will be slightly different, but generally:

-Right-click an open area of your Desktop
-Choose the 'Properties' option
-Choose the 'Settings' tab
-Look for the 'Screen Resolution' slider
-Adjust the slider to your desired resolution and click 'Okay'.

Problem:  I like the screen resolution button for the game but when I switched back to my email or my shopping cart or accounting page I am finding it's changing the screen resolution size for those too and I am losing both edge information and top and bottom information.

Answer:  Yes. The changes made by Master Poker are temporary (your registry has not been changed), but they will affect your entire Desktop. If you need to use other programs while playing poker you should probably not use the fullscreen mode. At a minimum, you will have to back out of the MP program (to restore your screen), do your business, then go back to playing poker (MP will auto remember to adapt your screen from the first time if you gave it permission).


Problem:  Windows Taskbar issue. I unlocked the taskbar. This did not help the situation when I resized my screen. I still ended up with the windows taskbar at the bottom of the table screen.

Answer:  With Windows XP put your cursor over the top edge of the bar and hold down the mouse to drag it down out of view (reverse to get it back). In Vista, you may have to use the 'Autohide' feature. To do that: 

-Right-click the taskbar and choose 'Properties'
-Look for checkboxes:

> Lock the Taskbar
> 'Autohide' the Taskbar
> Keep the taskbar on top of other windows

Click to use 'Autohide'. This typically means your taskbar will drop down out of view until you put your cursor down near the bottom of screen to make it pop back up. Reverse the process when you're done playing.


Problem:  It seems that you've changed the sound effects a little.

Answer:  Try not to let it bother you. Some of the old sounds had slight static, hum, etc., when turned up loud, and the new ones might be a little different. You get used to them quickly.


Problem:  The Betting slider bar doesn't seem to appear quite as quickly.

Answer:  I have scaled down the betting bar sensor so it can not be as easily hit on accident (and you won't use it much after discovering direct betting input with the Numpad). Where it was approx 4 inches wide, it is now only two inches wide (far right side of betting bar). You are probably missing it with your cursor where you're used to hitting it. Experiment a little to find exactly where the new sensor is located (your middle mouse button, or wheel acting as a button, will now drop it out of sight if it's up). Move your mouse cursor around to bring it up and down a few times to get the new feel.


Question:  Where can I read about the all the fixes and new features for the Upgrade?

Answer: The Zipped Upgrade contains three new files for your existing Master Poker folder. A new main program file, a new Instruction Manual ('MP Readme'), and a text file named “vs131Upgrade” containing all of the data pertaining to the Upgrade (description of new and updated features, bug fixes, etc). To find the text file describing the Upgrade specifically click on 'My Computer' (or just 'Computer' in Vista), then dig your way to the Master Poker folder located at “C:\Program Files\Master Poker”, unless you have 64 bit Windows, in which case it will be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Master Poker”.

When you locate the text file 'vs131Upgrade', right-click on it, then 'Open' the file using Windows 'Notepad' (recommended) or some other word processor (ie. Word).


Question:  Has the Instruction Manual been updated with info on the new Upgrade?

Answer:  Yes. The manual (MP Readme), has a complete and thorough update. The manual can be found from your Windows Desktop by:

-Click the 'Start' button
-Choose 'All Programs'
-Find the Master Poker folder
-Double-click 'MP Readme'. It's an .htm file so your Internet browser should automatically launch to allow you to read it.

The new Troubleshooting and FAQ sections contain every issue Users have brought to me over the last year (and their fixes). If you're having any problems, definitely check it out for some knowledge.


Question:  When I bought the MP CD there was a warning sticker on the front of the CD packaging about closing MP screens using the 'X' in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Has this been fixed in the Patch/Upgrade.  

Answer:  Yes. The notorious 'Red-X' bug. The only major bug in v1.01 of Master Poker. I finally found it, and successfully squashed it. If interested, you can read the details for that little bugger in the text file described above. You may now feel free to use your beloved 'X' to close any MP screens. ;)


Question:  Will installing the upgrade damage my current history data or personal preference settings?

Answer:  Nope, won't bother them at all. The only file you need to be concerned about is your main application file (should the patch not work properly). See the question below for how to protect against that.


Question:  What if I hate the Upgrade? 

Answer:  If you're worried you might hate the upgrade copy your current 'Master Poker.exe' file from the Master Poker folder to a safe place, then make the upgrade. If the upgrade doesn't meet with your approval, just copy the old application file back over the new one. You'll still have the new manual, but the game will play just like it always did. Worst case scenario ... you don't like the upgrade, but didn't take the time to save your old Application file and you message me to make your life right again. No worries. 




Send mail to webmaster@poker4u.net with questions or comments about this web site. Copyright © 2007-2010 Computer Opponents Software. All rights reserved.