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Once the design and programming are complete the most difficult part of bringing a new program to the world is in getting the word out to people for whom the program can be beneficial. In this case poker players.

"I am still enjoying your program ... thanks for getting me hooked on your software."--Ed P., Lake Forest, IL

There may be any number of reasons why you might like to drop us a note with your personal information. Take a look at the list below and click on any colored link to send us a personal message. Please include the information requested in parenthesis in your message. And don't worry, your personal information (or that of your family/friends) will never be shared with any outside source.

*** I know someone who might be interested in Master Poker (please leave names and e-mail addresses).

*** Gift Idea. I want you to contact someone directly and tell them I said Master Poker would be a great gift idea for me (please leave their name and e-mail address, and your relation to them).

*** >Poker Mailing List. I have a mailing list of poker players who might like to know about Master Poker--please contact me to arrange it (leave contact info).

*** Software Review. I'd like to do a review of your software for my website or poker related periodical (leave contact info and a summary description of what you have in mind).

*** Unsubscribe. Remove me from your e-mail marketing list (just include the word 'Unsubscribe' in your message).

*** Future reminder. Contact me in the future with a reminder about buying Master Poker (please include an approximate date for the reminder in your message).

*** Add my screen name. I'd like you to add my Internet screen name to Master Poker's AI player list just to freak out my friends and family when they see it during one of their games.

*** I would like to suggest a new feature for Master Poker. I'm always listening to the input, observations, and ideas of my Users (or even non-users) when it comes to improving the software. Feel free to list any suggestions large or small.

*** Just Hello. I'm a poker player who just browsed your website and just wanted to say hello (include 'just signing your guestbook' in message, and Hello to you too).

If there is no option above to cover anything you'd like to say, request, discuss, or express, feel free to shoot us a miscellaneous note with anything you have in mind.



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